All about the film classic “The Third Man” and Vienna after World War II
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This is our ONLINE GUESTBOOK !! If you want to send us your message, please write an email to subject “guestbook” and we will publish it here (of course without mentioning your email address). 2018/09/08 Julian Smith To everyone at the Third Man Museum Vienna Thank you so much for your wonderful Museum, a brilliant way of turning the enthusiasm so many of us around the world feel towards this special film into a visitor experience that is both friendly and professional at the same time.  Having had the good luck to spend a few days in the beautiful city of Vienna and visit imperial palaces packed with crown jewels and masterpieces of world art, the real jewel in the crown turned out to be your Museum. Thank you and best wishes Julian Smith UK   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/04/14 Wolfgang Zima Sehr geehrter Herr Strassgschwandtner, liebe Frau Höfler,   ich war vor ein paar Wochen mit meinen Schwiegersöhnen in Ihrem Museum und möchte mich nochmals für  die aufmerksame und familiäre Betreuung bedanken! Wir haben den "Männer-Nachmittag" sehr genossen und waren beeindruckt von der umfangreichen Sammlung und den Exponaten, die uns einen beachtlichen Eindruck von der Entstehung des Films und der Besatzungszeit im Allgemeinen gegeben haben. Besonders freue ich mich über die Original Single von Anton Karas mit dem Harry Lime Thema, die ich bei Ihnen erwerben konnte. Ich spiele sie fast täglich. Ich werde Ihr wunderbares Museum sicher wieder bald besuchen und freue mich jetzt schon darauf!   Herzliche Grüße und ein großes Dankeschön an Ihr Team Wolfgang -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/10/15 Michael Sodenkamp Einmal davon abgesehen dass Wien ohnehin eine der wunderbarsten Städte der Welt ist, hat es neben den zahlreichen großen Museen auch noch einen ganz besonderen Schatz - das Dritte Mann Museum. Wenn man genug Muse mitbringt kann man authentisch in die morbide Atmosphäre der Nachkriegszeit eintauchen. Besonderer Höhepunkt unseres Besuches war das Zitherkonzert mit der grandiosen Cornelia Mayer. Wenn man die Augen schließt verpasst man zwar den Blick auf ihre virtuos über die Saiten tanzenden Finger, glaubt aber zugleich dem Anton Karas einmal wirklich zuhören zu dürfen. Ein unvergesslicher Abend und ein tolles Wochenende in Wien - sicher nicht das letzte mal. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/03/26 Seppel Hansen Wir haben uns heute das "Museum" angeschaut. Es war einfach super. Toll was ihr dort ganz liebevoll zusammengestellt habt. Sehr beeindruckend. Danach gab es noch das Zitherkonzert mit Cornelia Mayer - einfach genial. War toll, wie sie den Film aus musikalischer Sicht beleuchtet hat. Das hat wirklich Spaß gemacht. Wir können beides, als Fan dieses Films, Museum und Konzert nur empfehlen. Viele Grüße -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015/02/16 Anna and Nigel Jepson My husband and I visited this wonderful museum on Saturday 14th Feb and sent the afternoon learing so much about not only the film, but also pre and post WWII Vienna . We cannot recommend this brilliant museum enough, such a labour of love and hard work by the owners. The best cultural venue we visited by far (and we visited a lot!). Congratulations on your marvellous creation and very best wishes for a long and prosperous future. Anna and Nigel Jepson -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015/02/11 Jeff S.   Dear Mr. and Mrs. Strassgschwandtner, I wanted to thank you for an absolutely outstanding visit to your museum, The Third Man Museum, on my recent trip to Vienna.  I truly believe you have one of the greatest museums I've ever been to, and a fantastic piece of both movie history, and world history, that you've created.  I absolutely enjoyed my visit, and could not leave without turning back to look through your history of post-war Vienna at least once.  Bravo on a truly fantastic job that is clearly a love and a passion for you.  I've posted my review on Trip Advisor, hoping that others will share this wonderful gem that you've created! After visiting the museum, I immediately watched The Third Man...twice in a row! Thank you again, Jeff S. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014/10/15 Marty Gaetjens   Dear Gerhard, Dear Karin, We so enjoyed meeting you and visiting your wonderful museum. We've been to several museums and on several tours during our trip and none of them were as informative or as much fun as yours. Thank you! It was our pleasure. And thank you for your hospitality and lovely poster. Please let us know if you're ever visiting San Francisco. Big Time Cheers, Helen and Marty -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014/08/20 Wolfram Iske   Schönen guten Abend, meine Frau und ich hatten heute Nachmittag Gelegenheit, an Ihrer Führung durch's Museum teilzunehmen. Was für ein liebevoll und kenntnisreich eingerichteter Ort. Große Klasse! Ganz herzlichen Dank für die hoch interessanten Einblicke sowohl in die (Film)Welt des Dritten Mannes als auch in die Realität des Wiens der Nachkriegszeit. Ausgesprochen gut gefallen hat uns auch die klare und gut verständliche Aufbereitung der politischen Situation Wiens vor dem Zweiten Weltkrieg, die sich sehr wohltuend von der meines Erachten zum Teil grob vereinfachenden Darstellung der Zwischenkriegszeit anderer Museen unterscheidet und abhebt. Für morgen haben wir (schon vor längerer Zeit) eine "3. Mann Tour - Kanal" gebucht. Noch einmal vielen Dank und weiterhin viel Freude mit Ihrem großartigen Projekt! Herzliche Grüße Wolfram Iske -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014/07/08 Thomas Dale Dear Gerhard and Karin On our recent visit to Vienna my wife and I attended your new Wednesday afternoon tour and on the following Friday we did the Third Man Walking Tour. The museum is a real credit to you and I certainly learned a lot not only about my favourite movie but also about post-war Vienna. Your collection is truly fascinating and you presented it to us in an interesting and welcoming way. I will never watch The Third Man in the same way again! Many thanks. Tom Dale Canberra, Australia -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014/03/29 Don Tyler My daughter and I were fascinated by your collection and presentation.  One of her friends suggested it and we’re very glad we went.  Neither of us had seen the movie and can’t wait for the download to finish so we can watch it from our hotel room tonight!  Thank you for your very personal attention during our tour; I suspect that is afforded to all of your guests.   Don and Emily NH - USA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014/03/02 Gabriele Pühringer Wir waren dort! Und wir waren begeistert von den zahlreichen liebevoll zusammengetragenen Exponaten. Eine wahre Meisterleistung! Das macht nur jemand, der mit Herz und Seele bei der Sache ist. Wir können das Museum "nur" empfehlen. Hans Bintinger (Der Burgenländer) Siegfried Grinninger, Romy und Gabriele Pühringer (Die Oberösterreicher) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2013/05/14 Ann Wood Dear Gerhard and Karin, We visited the museum last Saturday.What a delight it was to come in out of the rain and explore such a fascinating, engaging and informative collection. You are to be congratulated for collecting and assembling such an extraordinary range of artefacts. 'The Third Man' is one of my all-time favourite films and it's a film I've taught to college students and I thought I knew it pretty well. How wrong I was - after visiting your museum! Wishing you every success in the future. Thank you Peter and Ann Wood Norwich England PS Norwich City are staying in the Premier League! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2012/09/18 Fred Saffir Dear Karin and Gerhard, We visited you on 1 September and were treated to the best three hours on our three week holiday in Austria (there were many others tied for the silver but you clearly won the gold!). Wilma and I just wanted to drop you this short note to express our gratitude for having the museum in the first place but for the effort made in amassing such an incredible collection. From my personal point of view, it was more than interesting to meet a person as obsessed with The 3rd Man as I am. Thank you so much. Fred Saffir & Wilma Libar Canton, Georgia U.S.A. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2012/08/07 Brian Dutton Dear Gerhard I wanted to say how much my partner and I enjoyed both our visit to your museum and the Third Man walk you provided on our recent visit to Vienna . The museum is outstanding and deserves more recognition from the city authorities especially for the historical coverage of post war occupied Vienna which is extremely informative. As a Third Man fan I have to say it was a great experience. The film is one of the all time classics, and you have certainly honoured it in the best possible way! Best wishes Brian Dutton -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2012/06/10 Mark Moravec Guten tag! Had a great time last Saturday visiting your steadily growing collection of Third Man displays and memorabilia. The physical structure of the museum - of small interconnected rooms - lends itself to surprises when entering or rounding a corner to see the old projector, the famous zither and the mystery of the grate, to name a few. Will have to somehow catch up with the full version of that intriguing Croatian film homage too. So congratulations on your ongoing collection efforts and your friendly welcome of visitors! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2012/02/02 Andrea Morshaeuser Sehr geehrter Herr Strassgschwandtner, nochmals vielen Dank fuer Ihre tolle Fuehrung im Dritte Mann Museum. Es hat viel Spass gemacht und wir haben viel ueber Geschichte gelernt. Wenn ich wieder mit Southeastern Studenten in Wien bin, werde ich auf jeden Fall wieder Ihre Fuehrung buchen. Viele liebe Gruesse ins wunderbare Wien, Andrea Morshaeuser Southeastern Louisiana University -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2011/12/01 Chris & Erika Savory We visited your wonderful museum last Saturday and found it truly amazing. You have assembled a fantastic selection of material connected with this iconic British film and also showed the context of Wien immediately after the end of the Second World War. My wife grew up in the British zone of West Germany and can relate to the impact this had on the Austrians who also had to live under occupation albeit after the war had ended. You are a pair of obsessive’s and I mean this as a complement! Well done. Chris & Erika Savory -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2011/07/27 Klaus Greven Uns allen hat unser Besuch bei Ihnen sehr gefallen. Besonders auch Ihr unverbindliches und freundliches Entgegenkommen nebst Erklärung zu div. Fragen unsererseits. Ihr kleines aber sehr informatives Museum ist sehr interessant und können wir nur weiter empfehlen !! Wir wünschen weiterhin viel Erfolg. 4 Besucher aus Moers u. Rheinberg -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/12/19 Neil Butler Just a thank you to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your museum last weekend, I found it fascinating. The enthusiasm and interest of the staff was clear and added to the enjoyment of my visit.  I will certainly be reccomending it to others as one of the unusual highlights of a visit to the lovely city of Vienna.   Thank you again,   Neil Cardiff UK -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/11/28 Scott Richardson I visited "The Third Man" museum on November 6th and thought it a wonderful experience! It is a highlight of any stay or tour of Vienna; showing a different side to that fascinating city. The immediate post-war era in Vienna is just as much a part a history of that city as the Hapsburgs rule. And, this museum illustrates that part of the film as much as it does the characters. VERY needed to understand this film. I GREATLY enjoyed discussing the role of Kim Philby with the proprietor of the museum; who took some time to discuss this matter with me. I had not realized the connection of the names of Harry Lime (fictitious) and Harold Adrian Russel Philby (real life); though I had known about Philby being the real life basis for Lime. I had also not realized that Philby had been knowledgeable about the Vienna sewers and other infrastructure during WWII even though he had not been in the city since his marriage to Litzi Friedman in 1934. Fascinating background! A great museum and well worth a few hours on a Saturday afternoon!!! Scott Richardson -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/11/01 Karl Stiller Lieber Herr Gerhard Strassgschwandtner, Ihr Museum ist das Sahnehäubchen auf der vielfältigen Museumspalette von Wien. Der Charme der Stadt Wien, der morbide und doch zukunftsgewandt ist, kommt hier in besonderer Weise zum Ausdruck. Herzblut hat das Museum entstehen lassen, was man in jeder Sekunde spürt. Mit den herzlichsten Grüßen Karl Stiller -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/10/07 Manfred Sauer Liebe Frau Höfler ! Betreffend unseres Führungstermins 4.10.2010 17 Uhr (RSC) möchte ich Ihnen mitteilen, dass die ganze Gruppe nicht nur vom Museum und seinen Schätzen begeistert ist, sondern auch die engagierte Führung und die nette Atmosphäre loben. Es spricht sich herum und so könnte sich ein zweiter Termin ergeben, bei dem ich hoffentlich auch dabei sein kann. Im Namen des Betriebsrates herzlichen Dank und liebe Grüße, Manfred Sauer BR-RSC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/09/26 Richard Hewitt Just a note to say how much we enjoyed the museum on our evening visit of Tuesday 21st Sept. The exhibits were interesting and so was the short film (what a great projector to show it on) - also we've kept our gummi drain covers as a worthy momento. We wish you all success with the museum in the future. Richard and Melanie Hewitt PS: Shame the Mozart concert afterwards didn't play Zither music! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/09/03 Bruno Steffen Salü zäme Erinnert ihr euch? Wir waren die beiden Schweizer/innen die euch am Donnerstag-Nachmittag, 26. August besucht haben (ich habe den “Schluss–Szene-Wettbewerb mit 31 Abbildungen gewonnen” und meine Freundin hat sich mit euch unterhalten – Flaschenmuseum und so). Gratuliere zu euerem Museum: Ich als Nostalgiker habe es voll genossen. Ich finde es genial über einen einzigen Film so ein Museum zu eröffnen und zu unterhalten. Wien war schön. Wien war sehr schön. Euer Museum war genial. PS: Seit Jahren bin ich daran der englischen Sprache mächtig zu werden. Meine letzte Pflichtlektüre war das Lesen von «The Third Man». In diesem Sinne. Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/07/22 Alan and Mary McCrindle Just a quick note to say how much my wife and I enjoyed our tour of the museum last Saturday (17th July). We both agreed that it was one of the highlights of this year's visit, indeed of any of our visits (this was our fourteenth year in Vienna) and couldn't understand why we had waited so long to find you. The collection is absolutely breathtaking and is presented in a most novel and entertaining way (Mary was delighted with the prize for the quiz!) My niece and nephew were enthralled by the "Magic Mug" and I have been proudly sporting my T-shirt (to many puzzled looks from some of the Philistines who don't know the film. Yours is a truly magnificent obsession - thank you once again. We hope to see you next year! Alan and Mary McCrindle. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/01/21 John Beauclerk Dear Gerhard I have just received The Catalogue, for which many thanks indeed. Congratulations, really... It is hard to imagine better curatorship. The design is first rate; the film and all its participants are treated with devotion and respect - right down to little Hansl! However well the visitor knows the film, he or she will find something new. Hugh Perceval's notes are completely in character with the film itself. My goodness, you set high standards in Vienna. So high that none will ever dream of making a 3rd Man type drama in the city again! Belgrade, maybe, or Sarajevo, or even Budapest - but not the jewel in the crown of the Dual Empire! Very best wishes John -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2009/12/30 Peter Milroy I joined the Walk on Friday 18 and visited the Museum on Saturday 19 December and am writing to thank you for the great experiences.   Back home I have enjoyed reading 'The Third Man's Vienna' and the Museum's Catalogue - both excellent productions - and listened to Eleanor McDowall's Radio 4 Documentary. The film was broadcast on BBC TV over Christmas as part of an Orson Welles season, but I'm glad I took the opportunity to see it on the big screen at the Burg Kino.   I hope to be able to return during 2010 for more walks and another visit to the Museum; also to collect my fourth sticker by visiting the Kanal. Vienna suits me better than Constantinople.   I wish you a Happy New Year - Keep up the good work!   Regards, Peter Milroy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2009/10/11 Nils Chr. Amundsen Dear Gerhard, We enjoyed very much our visit to wonderful Wien, and look forward to revisiting your city. For us "oldies" who had the great thrill of seeing the Third Man movie when it was shown for the first time, it was also a great experience to visit your interesting museum. It brought back many memories from a time when a good film was really enjoyed. No competition in those days from TV soap operas and other mediocre movies. I wish you every success with your interesting museum and hope you will have a lot of visitors. We certainly will recommend it to all our friends. With best wishes from Norway, Yours sincerely, Nils -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2009/07/16 Raymond Ali Hello again, Hilary and I just wanted to thank you for a most fascinating tour of the museum. It fully deserves its entry in the Vienna Top 10 Guide. We did the Third Man walking tour on the Friday (also excellent), taking the opportunity to recommend the museum to other tourists. We did appreciate the personal touch you brought to our experience and wish you well in your enterprise. We hope to return to Vienna again in the not- too-distant future. The city holds a very special place in our hearts. Best wishes, Raymond Ali -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2009/07/04 Richard Baney Dear Gerhard: I had the privilege of being on your tour of Postwar Vienna and the Third Man Museum in early June and really enjoyed it. You are to be commended on your "passion", and also for your efforts to keep alive the history of the late thirties and forties. I only wish I had more time in your musuem, and if I am ever fortunate enough to get back to Vienna, I'll spend all Saturday afternoon!! You mentioned that you are publishing a catalog later this year, and if so, would like to receive a copy. Keep up the good work, and all the best!! Richard -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2009/05/16 Nanna Bjargum Liebe Karin Höfler, lieber Gerhard Strassgschwandtner Im Dezember 2008 habe ich Ihr wundervolles Museum besucht und war sehr begeistert. Vor einiger Zeit gab es in der dänischen Zeitung "Politiken" die Möglichkeit, anderen Lesern auf ein besonderes Museum aufmerksam zu machen. Man sollte kurz das Museum beschreiben, und das habe ich dann getan. Sehen Sie den untenstehenden Zeitungsausschnitt. Mein Vorschlag hat den Preis als bester Tipp der Woche gewonnen. Herzliche Grüsse Nanna Bjargum -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2008/12/07 Daniel Mühlenfeld Anbei das Foto von unserer gestrigen "Stiftung"; Wien und gerade auch Ihr Museum haben uns sehr gut gefallen und wir waren gewiss nicht zum letzten Mal zu Besuch - sowohl in Wien als auch in Ihrer beeindruckenden Sammlung, die wir gerne weiterempfehlen!   Mit den besten Grüßen, Inske & Daniel Mühlenfeld -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2008/11/06 John Z. hello gerhard, you probably will not remember, but i took this photo after i visited your wonderful collection, and you asked me to send you a copy. i promised i would, and here it is.  for me it is a wonderful reminder of my visit and of the opportunity to chat to you both about the fantastic effort and impressive work you have put into the dritte mann museum.  i was absolutely amazed at how much material you have managed to acquire, at how varied and comprehensive it is, and how interestingly you have displayed it all.  one of the highlights was the old projector and the short length of film you project onto the "disappearing" screen.  but i also found the details of the occupation and the war in vienna very interesting.  in fact i loved it all.  my congratulations on a fantastic achievement. best regards,  john z. byron bay, australia -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2008/09/16 Jürgen Moosmann Hallole, war vor nicht allzulanger Zeit auch in ihrem Museum und bin auch sehr angetan von der Idee ein Museum einem ganz besonderen Film zu widmen. Der deutsche Fußballnationaltrainer Joachim Löw sagte nach dem EM Spiel gegen Österreich, als er vom vierten Unparteiischen auf die Tribüne verbannt wurde: " Ich wusste seither nur, dass es in Wien den dritten Mann gibt, aber der vierte Mann ist mir neu." An diese Episode musste ich in Ihrem schönen Museum auch wieder denken.   Gruß aus Stuttgart, Jürgen Moosmann -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2008/07/20 David Brown Dear Karin and Gerhard After our visit on Saturday - Just to say thanks so much for a fabulous museum. We really enjoyed our time with you guys, loved what you've done and reveled in your enthusiasm. We were in town for just a couple of nights and the Third Man experience helped make our time in Vienna really memorable. Love the web site, the You Tube Video, and the book....can't wait to come back for more! All best wishes David Brown and Ali Mitchell  x -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2008/06/21 Gary Cox On May 30 I was one of the fortunate folks aboard the Vantage River Odyssey to have selected your tour "Allies, Spies and Lies". I found your commentary during the bus tour and stops in the city very interesting. Your comments were a fine preparation both for our all-too-brief visit to the museum (where I wish there had been more time to view the many exceptional black and white photos) and to my viewing, that evening (back on board ship), of the movie itself. Personally, I found the conflicting mentalities - especially the fundamental attitudes toward human beings (as expressed by individuals per se, and by de facto political authorities) - that pervade the movie (and are expressed so dramatically in what was said from the top of the ferris wheel) to be of continuing human importance. Your tour was for me the standout tour of our entire cruise; only the tour of the Jewish quarter in Prague was of comparable interest. (A Mozart Music Tour had no music whatsoever!)  If my wife and I ever return to Vienna, another (longer!) visit to the Dritte Mann Museum will be at the top of my list! With warm best wishes, Cordially, Gary Cox, Philosophy Dept. (retired), State University of New York, College at Geneseo. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2008/05/10 Duncan Smith Dear G & K Many thanks for your hospitality this afternoon during my visit to the 3mpc. I was most impressed with the new rooms: they really add some historical flesh to the bones of the Harry Lime story. No longer just a museum for film buffs, the collection is now a fully-fledged historical museum. Congratulations. And it was great to meet some of your visitors, too. I think you get a rather different type of visitor coming through your doors: more the traveller than the tourist, if you know what I mean. With very best wishes - Duncan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2008/05/03 Alex Sehr stimmungsvolles Museum, wird der Atmosphäre des Films gerecht! Echt sehenswert! LG, Alex -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2008/04/29 Ralph Grille Hallo und liebe Grüsse aus Deutschland, am 26.04.2008 habe ich Euer hervorragendes Museum besucht und bin noch immer begeistert, wie liebevoll alles zusammengetragen und präsentiert wurde, einfach grossartig! Zu meiner grossen Überraschung traf ich am Tag darauf einen recht prominenten Besucher Eures Museums, welcher die Begeisterung mit mir teilt. Die Rede ist von Mr.Peter Parks, ehem. Gitarrist der Band Warhorse und Musikerkollege von Nick Simper, dem Deep Purple - Mitbegründer. Anbei noch ein Bild von uns. Aus Gröbenzell mit freundlichen Grüssen Ralph Grille -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2008/03/13 Neil Short My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the museum for making us so welcome on our visit to Vienna. The museum is quite wonderful and a credit to the city and does justice to such a great film. Regards, Neil and Nikki Short Bristol, England -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2008/01/19 Simon Bovey Dear Gerhard and Karin Just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed your museum and meeting you. It was full of character, invention and clear love. We both came away from Vienna feeling that our visit to you was the high point. All the historical information really gave us a clearer picture of the city and Austria as a whole. We went on to visit the Arsenal and with what we'd learned from you the displays there made a lot more sense (especially as there were no English annotations) and had a greater poignancy. We still don't know how you manage to keep the place going but we're damn glad you do. Rest assured we'll send as many people as we can your way and will put a link as soon as we update our websites. Keep the faith, best wishes Simon and Bridget -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2007/11/22 Leo Pisculli Gerhard, My wife & I visited your museum last week when we were in Vienna with a Vantage Travel group. We were very impressed with your collection and commend you for your efforts and perserverance to construct it. The tour, "Lies, Spies and Allies" was a highlight of our stay in Vienna. Leo & Delia Pisculli -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2007/09/25 Anna Riessner Hallo! Vielleicht können Sie sich noch an meinen Besuch im 3. Mann Museum um die Osterzeit dieses Jahr erinnern. Ich kam wegen meines Universitätsprojektes ein neues 3. Mann Filmposter zu machen und versprach Ihnen das Endprodukt per e-mail zu schicken. Das Poster wurde im Juni in der London Metropolitan University ausgestellt und als Sehr Gut benotet. Meine Professoren lobten besonders meine detaillierten Recherchen in Ihrem Museum. Ich hoffe, dass es Ihnen auch gefällt. Vielleicht lässt sich sogar ein Platz in Ihrem Museum für meinen Beitrag finden. Liebe Grüße aus London, Anna Riessner -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2007/09/16 Rainer Massarsch Gruss aus Stockholm! Der Besuch bei Ihnen im Museum war ein Höhepunkt unseres Besuches in Wien - ja da bekommt man wieder etwas Heimweh. Nochmals vielen Dank für die kompetente Führung und die vielen interessanten Ausstellungsgegenstände. Mit besten Grüssen, Marianne und Rainer Massarsch -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2007/09/15 Matthias Galus Hallo, hier wie versprochen das Bild von uns mit den vollgeklebten Pässen. Noch mal vielen Dank für den interessanten Besuch in eurem Museum. Gruß Matze und Beabl -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2007/07/10 Christa Schell 3 Damen besuchten heute das Museum und waren begeistert von der Vielfalt ,der mit so viel Liebe zusammen getragenen Dinge . Die die Geschichte des 3 Mann Film zeigen. UND DIES ALLES OHNE SUBVENTIONEN, im Gegensatz zu einem Maler ,der jetzt sogar noch ein Museum in Mistelbach erhalten hat.  Macht weiter so und alles Gute von 2 Wienerinnen und einer Innsbruckerin -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2007/05/30 Pete Parks Thank you for a wonderful visit to your delightful tribute to Anton Karas and Der Dritte Mann. It was the highlight of our trip to Vienna . As a rock musician who was heavily influenced by the music of Anton Karas as a child , I can only thank you and Karen for keeping this beautiful music alive. Pete Parks ( Guitarist with Nick Simper of Deep Purple ) Warhorse , Fandango and The Good Old Boys . London 30th May 2007 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2007/02/24 David Newton Dear 3MPC I just thought I would drop you a note of thanks for an excellent visit last Saturday (17th February) Gerhard was a fascinating guide. I wish you great success in your ambition to bring the history of Austria at that difficult period to a wider audience - it is a worthy goal. Please feel free to include me on any future mailing list for the museum. Best wishes for the future Dave Newton (Ilkley, England) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2007/02/12 - Richard Christy Hi We just wanted to say thank you for such an interesting visit on Saturday - such a treat to see the extract from the film with a real projector... We're back home now and looking at this website, which we guess you must know: We will always think of Pressgasse when we encounter the film again in future! Good luck with the further development of the museum Best wishes Richard and Gill -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2007/01/28 Mária Csicskó Sehr geehrter Herr Strassgschwandtner, Auf diesem Wege möchte ich Ihnen zur Aufstellung des Museums "Der Dritte Mann" nochmals gratulieren. Für mich war der gestrige Besuch bei Ihnen ein großes Erlebnis. Die Sammlung gefällt mir sehr gut, die Atmosphäre des Museums und das mit Ihnen geführte Gespräch haben auf mich einen großen Eindruck gemacht. Ich schätze Ihren Einsatz sehr hoch. Mit freundlichen Grüssen auch an Ihre liebe, junge Mitarbeiterin. Mária Csicskó
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